How it Works

Create a project

Starting is as easy as 1-2-3. You create a new project and your dedicated account manager will reach you to collect the information about your project. With it he will be able to find the best freelancers that will meet your project needs.

 Create a project

Receive a list of engineers

With the information provided we will carefully curate a list of engineers with extensive experience building projects like yours.. You will receive their CV’s, previous projects and references upon request - get your A team to build your next big idea.

 Receive a list of engineers

Discuss scope of work and hourly rate

If you are starting from scratch, your team will give you an estimate and timeline for the completion of your project. If you are building with an existing code base, you will discuss working hourly rate with a freelancer.

 Discuss scope of work and hourly rate

Sign a contract and wire the money

After all the questions have been answered Povio will prepare a contract for you to sign. After that you pay the invoice for the work upfront to Povio. Money is safely secured with us and will not be released to the engineer until you confirm that all the features are done and working.

Sign a contract and wire the money

Get a dedicated project manager

We introduce you to your Project manager that helps you and ensures the projects run smoothly and all deadlines are met. The project manager is not a freelancer, but a Povio employee. You can rest assured he will see to it that everything gets a 5 star review.

Get a dedicated project manager

Arrange your workflow with project manager

Scrum, Kan Ban or something custom. Your project manager will have a sit down with you in order to prepare the best workflow that fits your life. We want to make sure that creating software with us is an experience you will not forget.

Arrange your workflow with project manager

Confirm delivered product, engineer gets paid

Once the engineer completes the work you will get a notification and instructions on how to access your new product. You go through it, check the features and mark them as completed. When you give us the green light, your funds will be released to the engineer.

Confirm delivered product, engineer gets paid
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Payment & Security

For us there is nothing more important than ensuring that your project is running smoothly from start till the last day. Therefore we follow some simple but very defined rules on how we run our projects and we want that every client feels safe when working with us. 5 star review is the most important thing for us and therefore we want to cover you fromthe start to the finish. If you feel that at any point your project is not under control, reach to our customer service immediately.

Pre-Pay Guarantee System

Our payment system is setup in a pre-pay working flow. With this setup we ensure total security of the payments for both professional and client. Since the finds are held by Povio since beginning of the project, professional has a guaranteed payment for his work. Cleint can also expect to pay only for the work completed, as he is the one that will release the funds to an engineer after the review of the work.

Deposit the funds in Povio

Deposit the funds in Povio.

Funds are held in a secure account

Funds are held in a secure account while the professional works on the project.

Release of the funds

When the project owner receives the deliverables, they trigger the release of the funds.

What parts of the project are protected?

We can only review parts that have not been marked as completed by a client or product owner. We kindly ask you to be aware when you confirm a certain phase or deliverable as completed since we cannot reimburse you the money for it after that. Also please note that any work completed or invoiced outside of Povio platform is not covered under our project protection.

Why does Povio charge a service fee?

We include a service fee in every project we do, so that we can make sure that payment and work security, transactions and all the operational costs are up and running for you 24/7 are under the hood. We will have our customer support cover you fully prior, during and after the project.

Project protection

We have designed project protection to make both professional and product owner feel as safe as possible. Following lines are important but there is a 99.9% chance that you will never need to use this but if by any chance there will be an issue we want you to know that we have you covered..

How is my project protected?

In the unlikely chance of things going wrong Povio is committed to make things right so therefore you can always count on us.If there is a complaint reported from the side of the product owner, Povio will take over the process and assure and find the fair next step. We have designed project protection so that we all know what is that step. Specialist employed dirrectly by Povio will analyise the workflow and deliverables and accordingly reimburse you the money for any work that is bellow Povio standards.

Who do I contact in case of an emergency and how long does it take to get a refund.

In the case of dissatisfaction or bellow standard deliverable we ask you to reach dirrectly to for the quickest response. We work arround the clock to make sure that any reports submited by our clients are handled immediately.We have designed the process to be as fast as possible. Once the compensation is approved the funds will be at your account within the next 5 working days. The whole process from request to the refund takes less than 14 days.

Is the work you do confidental?

Of course!. Keeping private information private is the most important thing at Povio so everything you tell or show us is safely secured.